So this morning I woke up with the baking bug and I was determined to spend some quality time with the boys too this weekend as the week has been sooo busy! The boys were so keen to bake too so we gathered all of the ingredients up and as always Richard had to pop to the shops as we didn’t have enough eggs (vital ingredient) and then we set about our work.

The boys absolutely love baking and their best part of baking is always licking the spoon, isn’t it everyone’s?! They asked me all the way through if they could lick the spoon and I kept having to tell them, ‘Wait until the end’ but, they managed to sneak a little lick every now and again when I wasn’t looking – little tinkers! I let the boys take it in turns to crack the eggs and pour the flour into the bowl but, somehow they managed to get more of it on the table and the floor than in the bowl. I wasn’t too bothered though as that’s what baking is about after all, having fun and minding the mess.

I’d also brought the Ipad downstairs too so we could listen to our favourite songs whilst we baked and the boys loved it! They love dancing and singing at the best of times anyway so they combined the two and baked whilst singing and dancing. They’re just too cute and they’ve got no idea how funny they really are. They make me laugh (and cry at times) all the time and they’re the best of friends too.

As there’s only a year between the two of them they can’t remember life without one another so they’re just so used to have someone to play with and make fun at. It’s really cute to be honest and even though they do fight at times, like most siblings they mainly just have the best of fun!

So we only planned on making cakes today and then as we were enjoying it so much we went onto make scones too. Well I did, they’d got bored by that point and started singing and dancing on the chairs to gangnam style. They’re nuts honestly! They were really funny though, it was like I had my own little private show with the two of them whilst we bake.  Today we spent such a lovely time together, laughing and giggling, making a mess and playing – this is what Saturday afternoons are for!