Over the years there has been significant research and case studies carried out that identifies the key factors that contribute towards making people happy and research has found that many people seem to follow the same formula for happiness. This research shows that so many people believe that when you work hard, you will achieve happiness because we are programmed to believe that when we achieve a goal or action we will feel happy due to the accomplishment and achievement of the goal.

However, so many people are beginning to view happiness in a different way and have already started to explore different ways of maintaining that happiness feeling for longer. Many have started to challenge the norm and truly understand what happiness mean to them and those around them. I have found that today’s generation are much more willing to challenge these boundaries and are very (passionate) about living a life of purpose and passion. They seem to be more aligned with their feelings, emotions and levels of wellbeing and want to start making positive changes to their life by adopting positive habits. My perception of this is that our generation is much more likely to change their career part way through their life or perhaps travel the world because they feel like they can. They much more self-aware and more willing to live a life of no regrets and because of this they’re driven to take a proactive approach and design their life by doing something they’re passionate about.

When we re-programme our brain to find happiness in different ways it can be life changing and it can be the start of a very different journey for us. By having that sense of freedom and knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny can truly mean that you live life to the fullest and this starts with your life’s plan. There are more and more people taking control of their life and designing it and living it the way they choose to and this is so refreshing!

For many, it starts with the identification of their passion and once they’ve identified what this is, they learn new skills, gain the experience and qualifications required (if applicable) and then set about achieving their dreams and aspirations!

Many people are more open to this idea as they understand as the world is changing because the economy has changed and as a result so has global trade. Technology plays an important part in this too as it allows the world to become and feel like a much smaller place and this provides so many more opportunities for new entrepreneurs. There’s the marketing advertising brands and the on line suppliers and the list goes on, it seems like everyone wants to live the flexible lifestyle and be in charge of their own destiny and that’s why it’s so exciting!

Research shows that In 2015, there were 5.4 million businesses in the UK and over 99% of these businesses were Small or Medium Sized businesses – employing 0-249 people. This just showcases how many new people are going into business and chasing the dream!

Being an entrepreneur and working for yourself brings so many benefits it’s easy to see why many people are so passionate about working for themselves;

1) There’s the ability to work flexibly – Working for yourself is so much more appealing as it offers you the flexibility to work when you want and where you want and this type of lifestyle in on the increase.
2) The ability to work wherever you want to – So many of my clients want to work flexibly whilst being able to travel the world and this is one of the reasons I set up my business too!
3) You are responsible for the income you generate – The income you earn too is completely reliant on how much effort and hard work you put into your own growing business and this is by no means an easy task and requires hard work, dedication and commitment however, the challenge of this excites many. That’s why so many people living in the 21st century aspire to work for themselves in some kind of business that will offer them everything they’ve ever dreamed of!
4) You get to follow your own passion – You choose to do what it is you do and you can design your business and take it forward in the way you want to.
5) That feeling of knowing they’re accomplishing the milestones they’ve set themselves – that’s hugely fulfilling in itself!

Research shows that start-ups is where the innovation happens – This gives those newcomers the opportunity to be innovative, creative and imaginative in their approach and start developing their products and services in an entirely new way.

I have personally followed this journey myself and the nature of my work means I could work from anywhere in the world and that truly excites me. Having a young family means we have to adhere to the school timetable but, outside of that means we can travel wherever we want to go whenever we want to go too – that’s my ultimate dream!

This is an exciting new phase we’re all moving into and I for one will be at the forefront of this and look forward to seeing many others living life the conscious way and living a life of purpose & passion!