Every year our local village Norton, has a village fayre which includes; craft stalls, sweet stalls, fairground rides, bouncy castles, the local dance school putting a show on at the village green and many more things. This is an event to which most people attend, it’s always so lovely and on a great day like today when the weather is shining it makes you appreciate how lucky you are living here!

Norton Green, is picturesque and it has a village green with a duck pond and church closeby. Both my husband and I grew up in this small village and there were times when I was looking at my career that I thought I may move out of the area but, something always kept me here. Aside from the fact that all our friends and family live here, Norton is a great place to live.

Today was the day after Tom’s birthday so it was almost like an extension of his birthday celebrations and I think that’s how he felt too. As we arrived at the village with other members of our family we met other friends and family members too and before we knew it there was a group of about 20 of us which was great. I do love it when we all get together.

These days are my favourite types of days, these are the days you get it spend with those you choose and the children spend their days playing with their friends too and just watching them play together, laughing and joking creating memories, it’s the simple things for me! This year our children  sat for over an hour watching the local dance school perform shows in the middle of the village green, they loved watching the outfit changes and the dance routines and of course the disney songs that accompanied them.  It’s just how I remember growing up too, those long sunny days spent walking to the village and spending time with family and friends at the local cricket club afterwards.

Norton Village is one of those places where everyone knows everybody and everybody else’s business too. I suppose that in itself is a good and bad thing but, it’s a place I love and Richard and I love the thought of the boys growing up here and as we’re just in the process of a buying another house in Norton, we’ll get to stay here for many years to come.