We’ve recently started our filming for the Living Proof series that will go live in March on You Tube. It’s such a busy, yet exciting time for Aspirational Living as we’ve got so many different projects on the go at the moment.

We’ve got a school project I’m working on, a brand new Coaching programme coming soon and some Insights webinars that will be available to all my clients soon too. This is all really exciting stuff and I’m really enjoying working on it all.

Today I interviewed James Ramsbotham, CEO of North East Chamber of Commerce, James is such a fluent speaker and he provided such a great insight into both his personal life and career. Interviewing people like James is a real privilege as he was so open and honest about his role as CEO and the responsibilities he has, he also talked about his career and what has been important to him. He gave us a real insight into what he thought made a successful person and his thoughts about coaching and mentoring in the workplace. He continued to tell me about a mentor that he has that he still goes to for advice as and when needed and James himself coaches and mentors many different people and has done for many years.

I was really interested in his thoughts on this because I firmly believe we all have a role to play in mentoring and coaching others. This can be the next generation, your colleagues, friends or others I feel we all that responsibility to help others.

This week has been a busy week, I’ve interviewed for 2 roles at North East Chamber of Commerce and met some interesting people during the process. I’ve also had my own coaching session too, which always helps me to refocus on the things I really want to concentrate on for Aspirational Living.

Another exciting week but, it all can’t be all work and no play – So this weekend I’ve got a night away planned with the girls and we’re off to Newcastle, that’ll be my 4th time in six days! Then it’ll be back home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my little family.

Have a great weekend all..!