The boys had two weeks off school in May half term so we decided to make the most of it and plan our time doing the things we love.

The first week they went away with their grandparents to the caravan whilst we took a break in Corfu and the second week we decided to book a flight to my parents place in the South of France.  Sadly though, Richard is back at work so it’s just me and the boys this trip, it’ll be our first trip without him and we’ll miss him.

This morning we woke up to the terrible news about the attacks that occurred in London last night killing 6 people and injuring 48 other innocent people. Sadly, it’s not unusual now to wake up to terrible news about what’s going on in the world and that’s the sad thing about it, its becoming so much more frequent and it’s occurring much closer to home. We live in the North East of England and it was less than two weeks ago when the Manchester attack occurred too, killing and injuring more innocent people. It’s so sad to live in a world whereby we don’t know what’s going to happen next and I know many of us have dividing opinions about the way we choose to live our lives as a result of this.
This morning as I stood at the departure gates waiting to board the aeroplane with our two beautiful boys I looked at them and felt sad about the world we live in.  I obviously shielded them from the news about what had happened in London less than 9 hours earlier, as I wanted them to stay in the safe and secure bubble they live in now for as long as possible.
Tom is already a little anxious about airports and is always relieved once we get through customs as he worries we’ll be late for our flight. But as a parent I always reassure him that things will be fine and there’s no need to worry and I talk him through the process of what’s going to happen so he feels informed and this seems to work for him. The staff at the airport were brilliant with us too and helped us with our luggage when we needed it but, the boys were old enough this time to pull their own cases and it was so much easier – they actually enjoyed taking responsibility for their own things.
As a parent, there are times of course when we feel anxious about the world we live in and the world our children will grow up in. I certainly wish we all had the power to change what’s happening right now with these terrible attacks so no one has to get hurt and I’d love to live in a carefree world where nothing like this ever occurs.  But, sadly I don’t have the power to make any of this go away, none of us do.
So what choice do we have? If I can’t control what’s happening in the world does that mean I have to accept it? No, it doesn’t mean that either!
I’ll never accept that anything like this is normal, because it’s not, it’s an act of terror and it’s so very sad for all those affected.  But, the realisation I had many years ago is that I can’t control any of this.
Therefore, I have a choice – a choice to give in and stop doing the things I love and live a life that’s full of, ‘What if’s’ and a life that’s full of anxiety and nervousness, constantly looking over my shoulder at everything or I have another choice.
The choice to be aware of the dangers of the world and live my life to the fullest because it’s all out of my control anyway.  That’s the choice I (we) make as parents for our family, we want to live a life we love because we don’t know what’s around the corner and to be honest I don’t want to either.
I make the choice to travel with our children, to shield them from as much as I can and to encourage them to feel free in the decisions they make in life.  They’re so excited to be on this flight on route to their grandparents and I want them to continue to feel excited and have the opportunity to look forward to things in their life without concern or worry about what might happen.
We can only ever control 50% of what’s happening right now for us anyway, 50% of your relationship, 50% of a friendship and 50% of your environment and the external world.
Once I had that realisation it changed my life forever, I realised I could never control  100% of anything anyway so what is the point of worrying about everything and anything. That’s just my view of course and everyone is free to live their life the way they choose to, we all have a different opinion and that’s fine too. Everyone lives their life the way they choose to and that’s the real beauty of it.  We all have a choice!
I know that life is a gift and Im grateful for everything and everyone we have in our lives and I love my friends and family dearly. The start of this trip has been bittersweet but, right now I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with our family and creating some more wonderful memories, afterall that’s what life is about.
My thoughts are with those affected by the recent attacks in London.