When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve I made a vow to myself that this would be the year of change and it has been in so many ways. Richard and I made a pact that we’d experience as many new things as we could this year and we’d be open to new things too!

Aside from the new qualifications we’ve both gained this year, we’ve also adapted our outlook and I’ve become engaged in new activities and training that I never thought in a million years I would but, I’ve loved every minute of it! It’s opened my eyes to new possibilities and new opportunities and I’ve met some amazing people along the way too. I’ve even started training to become a Meditation Teacher which I never thought I would but, one thing has led to another and now I’m about to embark on more training in mindfulness & stress based reduction and all of these new skills and knowledge are helping me to enhance my offer as a Life Coach. I’ve started to offer Mindfulness & Meditation training, I deliver events to help others start living consciously and I’ve gained some corporate clients along the way too!

But, one of the things we promised ourselves was that it wouldn’t be all work and no play, we wanted to balance this out by building in lots of family time and fun adventures too! So this year we decided to attend a family festival, Wild Rumpus and even though we weren’t sure what to expect we absolutely loved it and got involved in so many activities that we maybe wouldn’t have had the chance to anywhere else. Wild Rumpus is a festival aimed at families with young children and has a variety of activities and events aimed at little people – it’s like nothing I’ve ever been to before.

We decided to camp during the festival and even though it rained for what seemed like the whole time no one seemed bothered and everyone just got fully engaged in the fun – it certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. We got the opportunity to practice our circus skills in the circus tent and there were on hand trainers to help us, the boys loved this as they got to take part in activities they’d never done before and Richard and I had a go too, it was so much fun! We toasted marshmallows on the open fire in the forest and got to watch the entertainment and shows in the woods too, which the boys loved. The entertainment was brilliant and very family orientated and the shows were something else, Tom loved the mime act and couldn’t take his eyes off it even when the heavens opened and we all got soaked. The actors were so talented and it was great to see the younger actors and actresses getting involved too and after the show the lead actor explained that it was a family affair and all cast members were part of his family – I just thought what a great way to develop children’s confidence and doing it with your family made it all the better!

We looked for wooden animal prints in the forest as part of the treasure trail and the boys loved foraging in the woods for these but, in the process got covered in mud too but, they didn’t seem to mind and neither did I. This was like a mini Glastonbury in the mud (not as bad) but, aimed at families and children so I wanted to just embrace it all even the dirty parts of it! The festival had a two big stages set up for the entertainment; one in the middle of an empty field (although it wasn’t empty for long) and one in the barn and we got to experience both. The music was a little different to what we were used to but, it was aimed at the children and parents and the entertainers had such a great stage presence, they asked us to all get involved by dancing around the barn, with one another and copy the actions and we loved it! The boys got involved in everything but, my favourite bit of it by far was the retro disco that was held in a huge tent on the village green, it was on at 8pm each night and it had a wine stall right next to it for the parents too. It had a smoke machine which amused the kids and some great retro music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Richard and I were in our element and it was great to spend this time dancing the night away with the kids!

The whole weekend was a success but, we did have a sickly child on the last night which resulted in us visiting the first aid tent and our neighbours who camped close by to us were up at the crack of dawn which woke us all up but, hey that’s part of the camping experience! We had a brilliant weekend and we’re looking forward to our next adventure together….!