So with NYE just around the corner we start thinking about what a New Year will bring for us all.  We’ve only got a matter of days left now in 2016 and many of us begin to reflect on our journey so far throughout 2016.

What did 2016 bring for you? Has it been a year of celebration, excitement and achievement or has it been a year of sadness or memories you’d rather forget?!

Whatever 2016 represents for you we can all take something away from this year and every year for that matter!  Many keep a journal or diary which contains their most private thoughts, feelings and emotions and a journal or diary enables us to look back and reflect on both the good days and the bad, I find it helps me to capture my thoughts in this way.

As a Life & Personal Performance Coach I work with so many clients who want to achieve more in their life and they set goals, make plans and set New Year’s resolutions to help them live a life they love.  But, I work with many clients who just become ‘stuck’ in their life, they feel unhappy and frustrated and sometimes lost too and don’t know which way to turn so they enlist the support of a coach to help them.

When clients approach me for this, we take a look at their life so far and we identify the barriers and the blockages and I help them to reflect on the past.  Reflection is an important part of life and it enables us to look back at the good, the bad and the ugly so that we can then begin to understand why we do what we do.

With NYE just days away it’s important that we do find time to reflect and take a look back at 2016 and what it brought for us.  This morning I reviewed my journal and the goals I’d set myself at the beginning of 2016 and looked back with fond memories, I’d achieved so much and many of the things I had achieved weren’t even on my list, that was an added bonus! But, not everything that had occurred was good because life’s not like that – it has its ups and it’s downs and even though there has been times of sadness we’ve dealt with it in a mindful way and this has changed the way we deal with all situations in our life and it’s enabled us to accept situations for the way they are and let go of what we can’t control.

So what resolutions or positive intentions have you set for yourself this year? Was it to be fit enough to run a marathon? Visit a new place? Travel more? Lose some pounds or become fitter and healthier? Whatever it is now’s the time to reflect on those resolutions and review whether or not you have achieved them.  If you haven’t achieved what you set out to then don’t be too hard on yourself just accept you are where you are and move on.

But, what’s important is to understand why you didn’t achieve this resolution – was the goal too big? Out of reach? Unrealistic?

So many people go into the New Year with positive intentions and feel smug at the thought of achieving this goal but, that only lasts for so long.  As we enter the New Year many of us feel positive about what 2017 will bring for us.

If you’re keen to start the new year in the best possible way then here’s our step by step guide on how to achieve positive intentions and goals for 2017;

  1. Identify the areas of your life you’d like to make improvements in and ask yourself the following questions: How do you feel about this area of your life now? What would you like to be happening in this area of your life? How can this be transferred into goals?
  2. Set goals that are SMART: Make sure every goal you set is Specific, Measurable (& Meaningful), Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. For example: I’d like to start eating healthy meals for myself and my family. Therefore, I will make a meal planner every Sunday and go food shopping in line with this list then every day I can ensure we have a nutritious healthy meal.
  3. Take a Mindful approach to life:Our minds are our most powerful control centre and they can inspire us to achieve great things or they can sabotage us at every turn. Mindfulness helps us to become in tune with our minds, bodies, emotions, thoughts and feelings. It encourages us to respond to situations instead of react and it encourages us to treat ourselves and others with loving kindness.  Mindfulness has been the difference that makes the difference for me.
  4. Give yourself the ‘whitespace’ you need: White-space is what I call ‘Me time!’ Create as much ‘Me time’ as you possibly can and give yourself the time you need to recharge your batteries. This will enable you to rest, review and reflect and this is something we all need – we shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  Meditation provides me with the white-space I need and I practice this daily to ensure I have the white-space I need.  Meditation encourages you to ‘Pause, Breathe & Reflect’ again, another useful tool to help you take a step back.

As long as your actions are in line with your values, you are on your way to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled 2017. Could this be the year you slow down, observe and make some time to think about what you really want?

A New Year is the perfect opportunity for you to take a new fresh new approach to life so instead of cramming so many things into your life maybe take a different approach – a mindful approach.  Perhaps, this could be the year for you to slow down, observe and reflect and take some time out to truly think about what you want to achieve in 2017!

Anything is possible so Dream Big and Shine Bright and make all your dreams come true!

Wishing you a happy & healthy 2017 – Make it a year to remember for all the rights reasons!

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