This weekend Richard and I went to Glasgow for the weekend and had the most amazing time. I’d booked tickets for us to see the amazing Ali Campbell who is Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist to both celebrities and the Royal family and we were so excited to see him.

We drove up after work on Friday and arrived shortly before 8pm, we unpacked and headed out for a bite to eat and had a short walk around the city, it looked so beautiful at night all lit up and bustling with people. That’s the great thing about cities, they never sleep and there’s always something going on. There was street music, food stalls and plenty of people around enjoying the sights and some headed to the bars and restaurants.

Once we had something to eat, we had a couple of glasses of wine to relax and start the weekend and then had an early night so we were well rested and ready for the seminar with Ali. We’d not seen Ali before but, I came across him through a friend and decided to book us a place on the seminar this weekend and I’m so pleased I did. When we arrived at Glasgow’s Concert Hall we were welcomed by Will Foster another Coach and NLP Practitioner and this was an added bonus we weren’t expecting.

Will spent about 30 minutes with us and he gave us his insight into the meaning of happiness and explored our ‘authentic self.’ The way in which he delivered was engaging, humorous and he used stories to set the scene which enabled us to completely relate to what he was talking about. Will explained that many years ago he was at a point in his life when he thought that there’s got to be more to life than this, he suffered with health issues and after a weekend break with friends he realised he had to make a positive change in his life. He was already a Personal Trainer and as a result was engaged with the public, he realised he truly enjoyed helping others and getting them to improve themselves and their well being so coaching was a natural step for him.

Will provided some thought provoking content and I could completely relate to the story he told about the icy slope of perfectionism. I use to have these perfectionist tendencies and used to feel like whatever I did wasn’t good enough and didn’t hit the high standards I set myself but, over time and with coaching I overcame this. I now encourage my clients to understand that it’s fine to have the odd slip in life and it’s fine to be ‘you’ and do what it is you want to do. This is something Will talked about a lot and he somehow managed to sum it all up into 30 minutes. He explained how it was fine to give ourselves permission to be human but, most of all to make sure that we’re living life authentically and I couldn’t agree more! Will was great and I really enjoyed his seminar.


Once Will had delivered his session, he welcomed Ali on stage and he immediately put us all at ease and made us feel comfortable. Ali is completely different to anyone I’ve seen before, he’s a Scottish guy himself and he delivers his training and insights to coaching, hypno and NLP in such a charismatic and confident way. He was unscripted for most of the day which I’ve never seen before and that in itself is absolutely amazing, it just shows how long he’s been doing this for. Ali kept the audience’s attention by imparting his knowledge in such an engaging and knowledgeable way that it left us all wanting more.

Ali doesn’t pull any punches and he just tells it how it is yet, both Richard and I really liked that about him. He occasionally swore which added emphasis at the right bits and had a great sense of humour which added to his charisma. Ali’s content was fresh, thought provoking and made absolute sense and gave both Richard and I so much food for thought that we came away needing time to really think about how we were going to adopt some of the strategies he taught us in our daily life and I in my coaching practice.

Ali worked with a number of audience members throughout the day and helped cure their confidence issues and problems in their life by simply showing them ‘the new way’ and helping them to ditch their old ways. When he did this he showed another side of him, a really caring, empathetic side and it was clear to see he was really looking for volunteers that had a ‘real’ problem in their lives as he could see that this was preventing them from being the best version of themselves and moving forward with their life.

We watched in amazement, along with the 400 other audience members and we could see first hand the ‘real’ difference Ali can make using his techniques, skills and knowledge. It truly was astonishing to see, it was emotional at points too when we all saw how that person’s problem was really affecting that individual but, it was also astonishing to see the difference in that person once they’d be alleviated of their problems by Ali.

We learnt so much throughout the day, some of the topics I’d heard before but, Ali’s spin on this was entirely different to other speakers and coaches I’ve seen before. He took the topics and interpreted them in a refreshing, new way which provided a different kind of understanding and interpretation and that in itself was so engaging to watch and listen to.

During the day we learnt a whole host of things (too many to mention) but, these are my top 5 takeaways from Ali:

1. Just because you have a problem in your life right now it doesn’t mean that there’s a major problem with ‘you’ and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re ‘broken.’ Many of us do feel like this and when we read self help books it just further confirms that there is an ‘actual’ problem with you. Ali says, this is crap (and I tend to agree), all it means is that you’re ‘stuck’ and in time you will overcome this and when you do identify a way forward, perhaps with the help of a coach you can go onto be ‘brilliant!’

2. We can all go back to ‘good as new’ and once we get ‘unstuck’ we can restore our default factory settings. I’d never really thought of it like this but, it’s so true. Ali says that we weren’t born complex, we were born okay!

3. We often view things from the outside in but, the problem isn’t on the outside, it’s on the inside. The sooner we recognise that the better! Ali says, the outside world will do what the outside world will do and we cannot control that. We can only control what’s inside us; the way we deal with things, the way we feel about things and how we react to things too.

4. Our conscious mind is the observer of the sub conscious mind but, it’s the subconscious mind that’s driving the bus (a great way of putting it). Our sub conscious mind can make shit up (Ali’s words) to protect us as it’s coming from a good place but, it’s not always true. These two minds can be in conflict with one another which is why we can sometimes be in conflict with ourselves, so that explains a lot.

5. STOP thinking about taking away something bad away in your thoughts and putting something else in. Just hit that reset button! That was my biggest takeaway of all…!

Richard and I learnt so much from Ali this weekend and I’d like to thank him for all that he shared with us during the session. It was truly inspirational, insightful and thought provoking, we’ll definitely be booking to see him again!

We’ve had a great weekend together; eating out, a few drinks to celebrate, shopping but, most of all I’m so pleased we shared this experience together. These experiences continue to help us to grow as individuals and together as a couple and I’m looking forward to our next adventure – wherever that may be!