This year it seems like the boys have got even more toys, books and games (even more than usual).  Santa always brings them gifts (of course) but, they get so many others gifts from extended family and friends too and it’s a little overwhelming!

We absolutely appreciate the gifts that the boys have been gifted and we’ve probably gone a little overboard ourselves with presents this year which is probably why it seems like they’ve got so much.  However, after both yesterday’s play date it really just confirmed to me that children don’t need  huge amount of gifts they just want your time.  Santa bought the boys a Go Kart each and they loved them but, since Christmas Day it’s been raining and they haven’t had much chance to go out and play on it.  So we had a lovely day playing with games and watching Christmas TV but when  I put the boys to bed last night and asked them what was their favourite part of the day was, they replied, ‘Playing football in the hall with you.’

As the weather was so bad they couldn’t go outside and really wanted to play football so Richard sellotaped a big plastic bag up and made it into a ball and we had hours of fun with it.  We pretended that the doors either end of the hall were the goals and we played football, catch and piggy in the middle, the boys loved it and so did I.  We celebrated with a victory dance each, we tackled one another and the boys just slide across the floor in their new football kits, which have also been a huge hit with the boys!  It just goes to show that they’ve got so many toys and the best thing that gave them the most pleasure was playing football with a plastic bag.  So next year when I look at the pile of presents I’m going to remember this day and just remember the great times we had playing with the free plastic bag.

We all know that children just want your time but, we can sometimes forget that this is the case when we’re caught up in our busy everyday lives.  Both Richard and I work hard both at work and home and lately we’ve had a lot on so I personally haven’t spent as much time with the boys that I’d like to so I’m really going to spend the time with them in the holidays.

I know I can’t be the only parent who feels like this and I know I’m not the only one who goes overboard with gifts at Christmas but, the question is, do they really need it all?  I sometimes do forget and know all about this first hand, as every time I buy gifts for Christmas I always think it’s enough until right before christmas when I look at them all.  Then when I get them all out I always think I haven’t got enough and end up buying last minute gifts for them to bulk out the pile and then realise I’ve probably bought too much.

With the last minute additional gifts the boys have got from Santa this year, I now look at their pile of presents and think that it’s all got a little too much.  So the boys and I have decided to gift some of their old toys to the charity shop for now but, I’m definitely going to remember this for next year – the boys don’t need all of these toys they just want my time.

When the boys get spoiled with gifts, whether it’s from us or others too I find they act a little spoilt too as they expect these gifts.  That said they only asked for 4 presents each and that always makes me proud but, as they get older they seem to get more and more each year and I’m convinced this isn’t good for them. I want them to appreciate the things they have and look after their toys and not just have an expectation that Christmas is all about gifts, I want them to understand the true meaning of Christmas and for me that’s about spending it with loved ones.

So today we’ve got family coming over for bacon butties and copious amount of tea and then later on we might even fit a little baking and perhaps another game of footy!  Baking, playing games and just generally spending quality time with the boys, all 3 of them is my favourite pastime and I’m going to make sure I enjoy every minute of the holidays! Even if it does mean by 10pm I’m flat out fast asleep!