We had wanted some time away from it all for a while as things have got so busy and we wanted somewhere where we could relax and a place where the boys could play and fun as a whole family too.  So we decided to plan a trip to Center Parcs and invite our friends along too.

We planned this trip a few months before but, we’ve all been so busy with our days jobs, lives and families that it’s kind of crept up on us.  The night before we set off, I literally threw a few things in a suitcase for me and the boys (Richard does his own packing) and headed off for Center Parcs the very next day. I was so looking forward to just spending that time with the family and our friends and forgetting about the renovation of the house and the dust and dirt that comes along with knocking walls down and building a new kitchen.  The other added bonus was that there was no WiFi either which was blissful even if it wasn’t by choice.

As we arrived at Center Parcs we were greeted with a beautiful skyline created by the tall and vast forest that surrounded us and upon arrival we were given our accommodation details and we headed into the woods to find our lodge.  I hadn’t appreciated the size of this place and after a few wrong turns we found our lodge.

We stayed in one lodge with 3 bedrooms, Richard and I stayed in one room, Bev and Chris in the other room and the boys all shared together, we of course they were thrilled about.  We unpacked and then headed out to explore the area, by this time it was dark, as the check in is late but, it was exciting to be outdoors with the family exploring new surroundings.  I immediately felt relaxed when we arrived and the no WiFi signal made it even better.

During our stay we had time for everything, Center Parcs really is a place where you can do as much or as little as you’d like to.  We spent the days outdoors exploring the area, the boys took their bikes too so we spent much of our time following them around but, it was all so easy going and laid back and the scenery is breathtaking.  We used the pool everyday too, the boys loved playing in the pool and there are water slides and a variety of things for them to indoors.

Our evenings were spent in the lodge where we would cook our own meals, the parents could usually be found with a spatula in one hand whilst cooking and a glass of fizz in the other and the boys would be playing games together or just hanging out.  We took advantage of the open fire and it was the men’s job to keep it refueled, it was such a cosy setting and the layout of the lodge really lends itself to family life.

Our lodge was mid range and newly renovated, the lodge we stayed in wasn’t luxurious in fact it was simplistic but, it was designed for open living and designed for families to come together to enjoy one another’s company.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and cooking in the evenings is a perfect way to eat when you’ve got little ones.

We chose to spend our time away with our friends, Bev & Chris, we’ve been friends for over 13 years and we love spending time with them.  These are what I would call, ‘easy going friends,’ there are never any hidden agendas, there is no drama, arguments or disagreements, it’s just very easy going.  These are the types of friendships I gravitate towards as life is busy and hectic enough at times without high maintenance friendships.

Part way through the holiday I realised that packing so quickly meant I forgot a few key items I needed for the holiday including my makeup bag but I got by and actually there were times I didn’t miss it! It’s quite liberating on holiday as you don’t know anyone so life without make up is fine.  When we holiday, I rarely wear make up and often wear my hair up which keeps it out of my way. 

This holiday has been just what we needed and both families have a lot coming up on the family agenda so in some respects it was, ‘the calm before the storm.’  Quality time with good friends always make you appreciate life even more and I always feel blessed to have such special people in our lives.