Well, today has been perfect so far! We’ve had leftovers from our Christmas lunch, we’ve had hot chocolate with marshmallows, indulged in Quality Street and profiteroles, watched Christmas TV, played Twister, a game of footy with the boys in the hall (since it’s raining) and now we’re watching Tom & Jerry with the heating blasting in our pjs.

It’s been a very busy two weeks in the run up to Christmas and we’ve just had the best Christmas day.  We started the day with our family tradition of filming the boys coming down the stairs to see if Santa’s been and then we watched how the boys took it in turns to open their gifts.  They were so happy with all of their presents and loved their Go Karts, they couldn’t wait to go outside and give them a test drive.  Then mid morning my family came over for lunch, which Richard and I made and as it was our first I was really pleased with the way it turned out.  Everyone got fed, on time and it was piping hot – I even made my own puds, my first attempt of trying too which was lucky!  Then after lunch we headed to visit Richard’s parents and family and spent the evening eating yet more food and opening more presents.

We then headed back home and all had an early night as we were exhausted from the day’s events and I knew I wanted to be fresh for Boxing Day as it’s one of my favourite days of the year.  Boxing Day (for me) is about relaxation, recovery and recuperation.  Anxiety and stress play a role in many people’s lives daily and it’s only enhanced in the run up to Christmas with the long list of tasks that need completing ready for Santa’s arrival.  But, today is the day, the nation and the rest of the world look forward to as it’s a day of rest and relaxation for many and time to spend with our loved ones.

For some it will involve wrapping up warm and going for a Boxing day walk, for some it’ll be staying at home with their loved ones and for others it may even be jetting off to somewhere warm for the rest of the festive period but, whatever it is you’re doing I hope you’re finding some time for a little R&R!

Today has been the first time for many months I haven’t got ready and I’ve literally spent most of the day playing with the boys and their new toys, which has been amazing. I’ve looked forward to these long lazy days for many months and I’ve still got a week of this to endure which I’m really looking forward to.

Christmas for us is usually about being over indulgent with both good food and food of the sweet variety.  We spend our days having family and friends over for yet more food and drink and the children all play together whilst we chat and catch up about what’s happening in one another’s lives – it’s a perfect way to spend the festivities! But, most importantly it’s a chance for Richard and I (& the kids) to recharge our batteries from what’s been a hectic year.  We’ve moved house, which was unplanned and happened sooner than we thought, we’ve renovated the kitchen and that’s meant us being without a kitchen of several months and I’ve set up ‘Aspirational Living’ and the website.  All of which have been amazing but, as we’ve both got full time jobs and two children who have a variety of hobbies and clubs to attend  it’s been rather hectic!

Recharging our batteries is not something we get the opportunity to do very often but, as I’ve got older and realised the importance of recuperation I’ve tried to plan more of it into our life.  Having this time to rest (both body and mind) allows us to really appreciate the simple things in life like; playing games with our children, having afternoon naps, getting ready in the middle of the afternoon, if you even feel like it at all, having a long soak in the bath, having a glass of fizz before 5pm and all of those other things we don’t often get chance to do.

When life goes at a slower pace it allows us to reflect and reinvigorate and I’ve got huge plans for 2016 and I need to be healthy, happy and well rested and spending the holidays recharging my batteries will do just the trick!

So whatever you’re all up to, make sure you make a little time for the things you love during holidays and spend some of the time resting and recuperating!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Me & Richard Christmas Day

Have you had a wonderful Christmas? What were your plans and how have you spent your Christmas Day and Boxing Day?  Please share your experiences, we’d love to hear from you;