This weekend Richard and I really wanted to just spend some quality time together as a family of 4 and we decided to look to see what we could do with the boys in our local area. We planned on staying overnight somewhere and visiting 1 or 2 local attractions but, when we started looking into this it wasn’t as easy as I suspected!

I tried to find a yurt or wigwam, even hotel or B&B close by to a local attraction but, we soon found out that everything was booked up weeks in advance and when I started looking further afield I realised how expensive it was getting so we had a complete change of heart. Instead we woke up on Saturday morning and checked the weather forecast which said we were in for a weekend of combination weather – some dry hours and some wet ones too! This was the decider for us, and as a result we just decided to stay local and head to the local park with a picnic, we were so lucky as we managed to spend a few hours there before the heavens opened and even when it did it didn’t spoil our fun.

We arrived at the park and spend the majority of our time playing in the play park, kicking the ball around, playing assault courses and exploring in the woods – the boys absolutely loved it! The sun was shining too so we even managed to have our picnic on the grass overlooking the lake, it was so idyllic and everything we truly wanted from a day out. It was so nice to spend some quality time together; playing, chatting and fooling around – things have been so busy at home with work, Aspirational Living, study and house renovations that we just wanted to spend some quality time together enjoying one another’s company and we got to do just that!

In the run up to this weekend I was getting a little frustrated as I couldn’t book anywhere for us to go or stay, it was like things were against us and we weren’t meant to go but, being sat on the grass with my family, eating our picnic overlooking the lake was perfect and I didn’t need anything more – I didn’t need to look any further than this!

It was then that got me thinking, in the past I’d always thought that we had to spend lots of money to do fun things or venture further afield but, over the last couple of years we’ve really tried to look at doing other things that bring just as much enjoyment and that costs a lot less and today was one of those days. We left the park and headed to the local swimming baths and had a great time, playing in the water, on the slides and on the inflatables, so much so that Thomas actually said, ‘This is the best day ever!’

It’s days like these that are a constant reminder that spending time with your children is far more valuable than spending money on them. Today we all reconnected, we spent time together and explored nature and generally had a great time!

So next time you start wondering what to do with your family, start by exploring your local area – you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do for free and make it fun by taking a picnic too!