Well, as we draw closer to the festive season we start making our Christmas preparations for the big day, we purchase gifts for loved one, put up the tree, decorate the house, send our Christmas lists to Father Christmas and join in the Christmas cheer.  December is such a lovely time of the year as we get to spend it with loved ones and we get to take a little time out to put our feet up, watch Christmas TV,  play games and indulge in all good things including chocolate treats, wines and good food – that’s one of my favourite parts!

There’s still so much to do and this year more than most I feel even less organised but, I’ve still got a few weeks to get all ready for Santa coming.  Each year I seem to enjoy the process more and more and this year I’m determined to not plan too many things over the festive period and really just concentrate on spending time with our family and friends, the aim is to have as many pyjama days as possible!

In some respects I’m already looking towards the New Year and what it will bring.  We’ve got so much planned for the New Year already and we’ve got new and exciting events coming up for the New Year.

We are holding our annual January event and we’re so excited about it and it’ll be a great way for you all to spend the afternoon with like minded ladies and a fantastic way to kick start your New Year!

We’ll have the opportunity to do some self reflection, discover mindfulness and what it means to us, we’ll explore our 360 degree selves in a little more detail and start making plans for the New Year!

If you would like to secure a place then please visit our events page.  So what are you waiting for ladies, let’s get booking! That way you can enjoy the festive period and indulge in the Christmas cheer and you’ll know that the New Year is not too far away and you’ll be all ready to kick start your New Year in the right way.  You’ll feel inspired and enthused about life and the endless possibilities that are open to us all and  I’ll introduce you to the mindful way of life and show you the benefits it can bring to all!

For further information or support please contact info@aspirationalliving.co.uk