So today I decided to have a car boot sale to get rid of some of the junk I had and since we’ve moved I’ve found even more junk to get rid of. I’ve done a couple of car boot sales before and they’ve either gone really well or really badly! Today went actually quite well and I parted with a lot of junk just to create some space in our new home and make a few pennies too.


I set off at 8am and headed to the site where it was held but before I could even get out of the car I had expert ‘car boot sellers’ lurking around the car and poking into the boxes seeing if I had anything of value. As I didn’t have anything of value they moved on quickly and allowed me to get on with the job in hand, which was getting the stall ready for the customers. After 10 minutes of pulling everything out of the car and displaying my worldly goods I ready to start dealing with the customers.


There were some who bartered over items that were for sale for £1.00 or 50p and others who deliberated over the 50p items weighing up in their mind if the topshop or Next item that cost over £10.00 was worth the 50p, to my amazement some walked away and some bought. It was the ones who genuinely felt like they’d found a bragina that were my best customers, they bought 3-4 items and some even more and by the end of the morning I’d made a cool £80! Which wasn’t great but, it wasn’t bad either and it got rid of my junk! Have you ever done a car boot sale what’s been your experience?


11391564_10153277148953444_2640761140189827945_nThe boys had been to a party with Richard whilst I’d been at home so we all met there and then played in the garden for the rest of the day. Later that afternoon the boys got restless and I decided to take them for a little walk to the local village which was just idyllic!


We wandered to the village and stopped to play tag for a while, the boys absolutely loved it, they played with the trees and jumped to see which branches they could reach. We then wandered into the village, admiring the view of the duck pond on route and I bought them an ice cream as they’d been so good on our walk and on our way back they asked if we could get the bus home as a treat, so we did just that!
This afternoon’s walk with the boys reminded me of how most the simplest things can really mean the most to us. Lately, things have been so busy for us as a family with the house move, viral infections and birthdays but, this afternoon was just perfect! The boys never stopped laughing and neither did I, they’re just such great company and all they want is your time and it’s days like today where nothing more than I’d rather do than just spend quality time with the family. Here are some photos of our lovely afternoon.