Some time ago I decided to hold a Macmillan Cancer Charity afternoon where I would have the opportunity to invite friends over to mine to share in a glass of fizz, some food, music and games and all for a good cause. I’ve had a coffee morning before where we raised money for this fantastic charity but, this year I decided to have a ‘Fizz and Fun’ afternoon instead afterall, what better way is there to spend the afternoon together drinking fizz and having fun!

I invited old friends, new friends, school mums, all types of friends and everyone had such a good time, we played silly games; Bingo, guess the toppers on the cake and everyone contributed in their own way it was brilliant.  It’s so lovely to get everyone together and just have the time to relax, catch up and raise some money for such a fantastic cause.

The Macmillan Cancer Charity support those suffering with cancer in so many ways – see their website for more information –

I’ve had so many friends who have been touched by cancer and it’s such an awful disease and unfortunately so common nowadays but, there have been so many who’ve battled and survived it and that’s what we have to be thankful for and we have to raise a glass for those that haven’t as they’ll always be in our thoughts!

Today we raised £252 which is amazing and this will be matched so that’ll make it a whopping £504 – every little helps! If you’ve not done this before then I would urge you to have a ‘Fizz and Fun’ afternoon as we had such a good time together!

This afternoon was spent with great friends for a great cause, thanks to all of those who came.