So this week has been such a great week, we started the week with our Take Flight event and I also delivered a youth coaching training session to a group of young women at North Shore, a local school.  These young ladies volunteer at the local school to help run one of their extra curricular activities and sports groups which provides young people in their area the opportunity to engage in sports and use the local facilities of North Shore which enables them to do something constructive and enjoyable on these dark, cold, wintery nights.  All of these volunteers are also either at university, school, college or working and it’s so great to see that they already see real value in giving back and helping with other things at such an early age.

It’s hard studying whilst participating in other activities too but, these ladies all turned up to today’s session not knowing exactly what the ‘Personal Development’ programme entailed but, they were keen to develop themselves further and get involved anyway and this already says a lot about them as individuals.

During the session we explored our values and beliefs and shared our opinions and views on making judgements in life and the importance of remaining non judgmental.  We explored our own values, morals and beliefs and looked at what opinions we hold about ourselves and shared it with the group, this was very brave of them to do this and they did this with confidence and honesty and it was great to see.  We then went one step further and provided evidence of how we ‘live and breathe’ these values and we looked at both the positive and negative influences we have in our lives.  For some they were surrounded by positive influences and for others they really had to think about who this was for them in their lives.

The girls were so open and honest about sharing their feelings and experiences and so receptive too, it was great to get involved in the exercises with them!  I shared my experiences of how I found coaching at the age of 34 and explained that until then I truly believe looking back that I hadn’t even thought about my beliefs and values and the way I was living my life I was just doing it all subconsciously and merely existing.  When I launched Aspirational Living one of the key focuses for the business was to ‘give back’ and work with young men and women to help them really ‘dig deep’ and understand themselves.  I wanted to help them to break down any barriers they may have had that might prevent them from achieving the life they truly want to live.  We’ve got 3 more sessions together in the coming weeks and then I’ll be doing some 1-1 work with them too and in this time we’ll explore what motivation is and where it comes from, positive mental attitude and how it can be applied and a whole range of other things too. All really beneficial when helping young people (and adults) to dig deep and really understand who they are and what they stand for!

I’d like as many young people as possible to believe that they can achieve anything regardless of; the past they’ve had, the things they’ve done, the mistakes they’ve made, their financial situation and most of all what others think.  We discussed today the most important opinion you’ll have is the opinion you hold about yourself, I want them to believe if they can believe it then they can do it!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week’s session and I can’t wait for the next one.  Giving back and working with young people is so important and I’d like to engage with as many young people in the future as possible and get the to ‘live life the conscious way!’