So today I finally took the plunge and launched my own website – Aspirational Living! This has been a goal for me for some time now and I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for more months than I care to remember.  This is such an exciting yet daunting experience as I’m putting my own thoughts and feelings out there for everyone to read and that in itself is a little scary yet, very exciting!

The aim of Aspirational Living is to provide useful hints, tips, articles, pics and a whole lot more which will help people to get thinking about the life they can create for themselves and to ultimately provide inspiration for them.  It all started for me when I decided I would launch my own coaching business but, instead of just having another coaching website I wanted to make it a little different to others. It was then I decided that my website would provide interesting articles and stories about how people have achieved the life that they want by following their dreams. In addition to this, I wanted to include my blog which I’ve been writing for some time as this adds a personal element to the site and provides an insight into my life and readers can get a real feel for me as a person.

I’ve also included other areas on my website too which include;

  • Work with me section – This provides an overview of what Life Coaching is about and how it can help you in ‘Living the Life You Really Want.’
  • Articles – This includes useful articles, hints and tips on getting the life you want and many other areas of interest.  This is an area I’m still developing but, will be coming soon!
  • About Me section – This provides you with an insight to what Aspirational Living is about and how it evolved.


This website is aimed at anyone and everyone that might find the topics I talk about interesting and informative.

For those that don’t know me I’m one of those people who’s always got a project on the go, more often than not it’s not even a small project it’s things like; renovating a house, moving house, working towards yet another qualification, volunteering, setting up my own business or something else like that – it’s usually something significant! When in the midst of these projects I’m often seen working through a list of jobs and ticky lists that need to be completed by a deadline and because of this I’m renowned by friends to be the lady with a list.  The thought of me with yet another life plan or goal and a number of lists all being ticked off at the same time keeps me sane, amused and very busy but, importantly it keeps me organised and to schedule with my own life plan! To my friends’ dismay and amusement they find it hilarious and it’s often a standard joke that I’m a woman on a mission.

I’m one of those women that has joined every gym in the local area (and that’s being serious, I’m not even exaggerating). I find that my motivation lasts for the first 3 months and the usually fizzles out but, as I’ve already committed to paying a full years membership I have to see it through and this infuriates my husband. In fact, so much so that he has banned me from ever joining a gym again – the gym environment just doesn’t do it for me! Now I’ve found something else that works for me instead of the gym and that’s following a YouTube exercise video of my choice and I fit it into my busy week as and when I feel the need to do some exercise, which at the moment is few and far between.

As a mum of two boys aged 4 & 5 I’m a busy lady (like many other mums) and together my husband, Richard and I take care of them together.  It’s a juggling act and over the years I’ve  become very good at juggling and I find that by compartmentalising my life, it helps me to achieve all of the things I need to fit into the week.

Time is precious and I have to take full advantage of any time I can claw back for myself. On top of that I’ve been training to be a qualified Personal Performance Coach but, as I’ve been coaching and developing individuals for many years this Coaching Diploma will simply validate the work I’ve been doing for some time.  However, whilst working towards this course I have learnt so many new things and it’s been the beginning of a new journey for me. It’s enabled me to see life in a whole new way and as a result of this I’m starting to actually follow my dreams and make good things happen which is ultimately affecting both my life and that of my family’s in a really positive way!

I’m still on this exciting journey of discovery and this website and blog is one of the first steps towards fulfilling my life’s dreams and ambitions. For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed writing in some way, shape or form but, until now I never really knew how to channel my hobby. So here goes – I hope you enjoy reading it!