This evening I attended NECC’s most prestigious event as we celebrated their 200th anniversary in Durham Cathedral at the Durham World Heritage site.  The event was not only the largest ever business dinner in the region’s history but, the highest profile event in the North East’s business calendar and everyone wanted to be in attendance.

I supported our team by greeting guests as they arrived and then we all made our way into the cloisters for a series of inspiring speeches.  The cathedral lit up at night was magical and there was over 500 people in attendance, the atmosphere was amazing!

I dined as a guest of Emirates airlines and thoroughly enjoyed the evening with a table full of inspiring people.  We spent all night drinking wine and chatting about work, life, dreams and goals and it just compounded the fact that even the most successful businessmen and women still have more goals they want to achieve in life.  Everyone one of them were leading successful lives and running businesses and roles which inspired them to live a life they loved and what was even more humbling was to hear how appreciative they were of the life they lived.

I spent with the evening with so many amazing people and feel so lucky and privileged to have been a part of this!