Today has been such a lovely day, we’ve spent the day with friends just relaxing in the garden and we’ve all got to spend time together just catching up. You see, one of my oldest and closest friends, Kelly moved to Dubai just over 5 years ago and since then we only get the chance to catch up every 1-2 years and it’s tough because I miss her dearly as we’re so close she really is like family.

Kelly is one of those friends though who I don’t see for a year or two and then when we do get together it’s just like no time has passed at all and everything remains the same. There’s no awkwardness and there’s never any silences as we’ve got so much to catch up on, in fact there’s barely room to breathe as we have so much to talk about.  As a busy working Mum these are the friendships I cherish because we’re all so busy living our own lives that we can’t often spend as much time together as we used to and that’s OK.  Times have changed and we’re all at a different stage of our lives; we’re raising small children whilst juggling a career/business and having friends who are also at a similar stage to you is great too so you can share experiences and events together and be there for one another.

Today was so lovely to hear how they were all doing, we got the chance to see their children again (and them ours) and we got to meet baby George as we haven’t met him since he was born and he’s such a cutie. He’s waddling around all over the place as he’s recently learnt to walk ad just wants to be into everything. We swopped birth and parenthood stories and all the gory details and we chatted about mutual friends and what they were up to and all he while indulged in good food!  They’d never been to our new house either so we showed them around and shared renovation plans with them and Kelly and I chatted about houses, homes and planned our next holiday together.

Meanwhile the boys chatted about life in Dubai and compared it the UK and they discussed careers, boys toys (the technological type) and boys nights out. We’ve got so much in common with the Boston family and we share a similar outlook in the way we bring up our children and the way we live our lives, although the main difference being we’re living in different counties.  Spending time with like-minded people is always good as it never seems forced or stressful and there’s never an agenda, it’s just natural and enjoyable.

This weekend has been brilliant, it’s been a mixture of everything – we’ve had spent time with the boys, time with friends and family – the perfect combination!