Well, it’s a been a little while since I’ve written a blog post as things have been so busy here at Aspirational Living but, it’s all really positive as things are going from strength to strength.  There has been so much happening behind the scenes that I’ve needed to focus my attention on this but, as I’m just back from holiday I wanted to blog about our holiday delights and experiences and update you all with what’s been happening at AL!

So where to start, well the coaching services we offer is growing and we’re now working with both personal and corporate clients and it’s so good to be working with both kind of clients as both are dear to my heart.  I truly feel that coaching has a place in the corporate world and can add so much value to the workforce and culture of an organisation and there are so many benefits associated with this.  On a personal level too it can be truly life changing as coaching helps those who want to make positive changes and shifts in their life and what we specialise in is moving people from where they are now to where they want to be in the future and the feedback we’ve received from clients so far has been amazing!  They’ve really seen the benefits of helping them to move forward in their chosen direction and they’ve started to make the shift too to living life the conscious way!

Behind the scenes I’ve been working towards my Meditation Teacher Training and will complete in September and I’ve already learnt so many new techniques and tools to use in my own classes and I can’t wait to try them out with my own clients.  I’ve too increased my own practice and have seen so many benefits in doing this and as a result of this I’ve been able to keep up a steady pace with both work and home life and I’ve found the harder I work, the more I need to meditate as this allows me to maintain balance in my life and it provides me with the white-space I need in a busy world.  I have personally experienced so many additional health and well being benefits too and as a result of this I want to tell the world so everyone can experience them too!  See my article on ‘The Real Benefits Of Meditation.’

In addition to this, I’m completing further training in Mindfulness and then next year I’ll be teaching this in both schools and as part of my business as a stand-alone qualification and course.  We truly do have a lot planned and I can’t wait to share it with you all, we’ve already delivered 2 successful events this year and I’ve got another one planned in September too so I’m looking forward to seeing new and existing clients in attendance for this.  This event ‘Reclaim Your Life’ is designed for those who want to take back control in their life and start living it the way they want to so I’m excited for this and looking forward to helping others by providing them with tools and techniques they can apply to their lives.

We’ve also got 3 new Mindfulness & Meditation groups starting in September and we’ve already taken bookings on this which I’m so pleased about.  I really want to spread the word to as many people as possible as I’d love for them to benefit too!  Over the next 12 months we’ve got a lot planned and I’ll keep all of you posted and updated with our new products and services prior to our launch of them.

The last 6 months we’ve been working really hard but, it hasn’t all been all work and no play, this month we’ve taken some time out and last week went to visit my parents in the South of France.  The holiday was wonderful as we got to all spend time together with the boys and together and of course with my parents and in 7 days we experienced quite a lot.  We visited villages and cities, we wandered around the markets and indulged in the street food and sweet treats available, we ate pastries and French bread daily and of course sampled the local wine.



We also visited two of the local night markets which was amazing, they had street food stalls with all kinds of varieties on offer and we got to sample a variety of wines too.  We ate and drank plenty and even got the opportunity to dance to both the local music and the live bands that were playing and the boys just soaked up the culture whilst we were there they loved it!

We’re lucky too as we have access to a family friend’s pool, she’s so generous and kind and lets us use her pool along with many other locals too, it was almost like the communal pool but, she didn’t mind and we all loved fooling around in it.  This isn’t just any pool I have to say, it’s a fabulous pool with the most amazing view I have ever seen from a pool which makes it even more idyllic, we love going and Richard and I would sneak a moment on the sun lounger just to overdose on the view, it was amazing!  So much so that we’ll be back again next year…!



Holidays are so important as you get the opportunity to just relax and recuperate and just forget about everything for the time you’re away.  You get the opportunity to ‘really’ engage with your family and deepen the connection you have with your family by creating new memories and precious moments with each of them and we certainly got to do that this holiday.  So wherever you’re off to this summer, have a wonderful time and enjoy spending that time with loved ones….!