What a week it’s been! We’ve had 3 birthdays in the household so it’s been pretty busy – Tom turned 7 on 3rd May and James turned 6 today, which I can’t quite believe, we’ve had an amazing week and a fabulous day today celebrating James’s big boy birthday.  The boys are growing up so fast and I know I say this every year but, the time is flying by and as a Mum I’d just love to slow it down a little.  I just want to savour every moment of them at the age that they’re at because already they seem so big!

I love this time of the year as spring time is here and all the flowers are blooming and the weather is beginning to improve too and we’ve seen quite a bit of sun lately, which is always good.  It’s been such a great week and I had the most amazing day off on Friday, I caught up with a friend over coffee then I took a walk in our local village and it was lovely to just spend some time alone wandering through the high street and taking it all in.  I’ve always worked full time and have spent 20 years working in the corporate world but, not so long ago I made the decision to leave that fast paced, busy world to live a life that’s much simpler and to spend more time with my family whilst they’re still so young.

For as long as I can remember I’ve spent my days running (literally) from one thing to another whether it’s from one meeting to another or from work running to the car because I was usually running late to collect the boys form the child minders and one day I finally had enough of the running so I handed in my notice at work.  For so long I’ve craved a simpler life whereby I could take and pick up the boys from school a few times a week and spend some of my days with friends and family.  I longed for simple walks to the village and coffee dates with friends but, when I was working they seemed almost impossible and many years I couldn’t even entertain the idea let alone trying to organise it into my already hectic schedule.

Then on 4th January, I handed in my notice and worked my 3 months’ notice and now I live the life I’ve designed.  This week I’ve had a taste of part time work and as I work for myself now I get to choose the days and hours I work which is so fulfilling and motivating.  This week’s I’ve had coffee dates and lunch dates and spent days wandering around the local village and just spending the time appreciating the village and our local area.  We certainly are lucky to live in such a beautiful setting.

By having the time this week I’ve been able to plan the boy’s birthdays and plan their big birthday party which took place this weekend.  James had a garden party on Sunday morning and Tom had his in the afternoon and both of them invited friends from their class and friends from football.  I think we had about 50 kids in total but, as the weather stayed dry for us it all worked out wonderfully and we managed to entertain the children in the garden the whole time.  We hired a bouncy castle and had all of the garden equipment out for them and the boys played football and basketball with the goals and hoop.  The boys loved it and I think everyone else enjoyed it too, the boys are so lucky to have such great friends and I’ve made developed some new friendships with the Mums at school too which has been an added bonus!

Birthdays in our house are always a time for celebration and we make a big deal of them, we always have a lovely breakfast together and make cards for one another or draw pictures.  This year the boys made birthday crowns for one another and wrote kind words about each other on them, it was sweet to see what they came up with.  But, on the present front we never go overboard, in fact we try to buy less on purpose.  I’m a firm believer that children don’t need a lot of materialistic things to be happy so we try to only buy a few gifts for them each and what’s even more lovely about this is that when it was Tom’s birthday he let James open one of his 4 presents and vice versa.  It’s so amazing to watch them share with one another in this way and I hope that these traits stick with them as they grow older.

One of their main presents was a rabbit which they’ve now named as ‘Walter’ he’s absolutely adorable and the boys have been asking me for a pet for as long as I can remember and I’m thrilled to bits that Richard let us have one, as he’s not that keen on pets.  When we told the boys they were overjoyed and to be fair to them they’ve actually helped with the cleaning of his cage and water bottle.  He’s the cutest thing and has had to live indoors with us as we have a fox who visits daily  so he’s had to become a house rabbit.  I wasn’t sure where we were going to keep him as his cage is massive but, we’ve found a home for him in our study and I think he’s pleased as he’s bagged his own room at our house. I found Tom talking to him in his cage the other night, I could hear him welcoming him into our home and he said, ‘I bet you love living here Walter do you? We love you living here.  Don’t worry about James Walter, he sometimes shouts but, he’s okay really!’  I wanted to laugh out loud but, I was too buy being nosy through the slight gap in the door.  How sweet – he’s such a gorgeous boy!

Sunday’s party day was busy but, we had so much help on the day from family and friends so it didn’t seem overwhelming which is always good and at the end of the day Richard and I sat back and felt that we’d done our boys proud. They had the most amazing day and we were proud and happy we’d managed to create this memory for them.  Traditions are important to me and I’d love them to grow up remembering all their friends at our home celebrating their birthday, it was brilliant to watch their faces as their friends all sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ I could see they were in their element and that’s what it’s all about.

We’ve had a wonderful week but, now I’m ready for a rest!