During our journey home today I took the opportunity to reflect on our week together in the South of France.

It’s been a wonderful week together and we’ve done so much yet it’s felt like we’ve done so little.  It’s been strange though just the 3 of us as we’ve never holidayed just us 3 before but, Richard had to work so we took the opportunity to book a flight to come and visit my parents as the boys had two weeks off school.
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During our visit we’ve spent our mornings visiting the local villages and towns in the Garonne region and we’ve wandered through the beautiful streets and admired the countryside during our car journeys. The streets and towns look so pretty here and it feels as though every time we come here things seems to be even more beautiful than the last.
We’ve spent time sitting and chatting in the local cafes and it’s provided me with the opportunity and time to relax and recharge and it’s been good to be an observer and watch the world go by!
Each time I visit this place it reminds me that my parents get a little older every time and this makes me appreciate the time I have with them all the more. They’ve been visiting the same towns and villages for years and have had a similar routine that they have every week so this place feels so familiar to me and that’s comforting in itself.
Their way of life is so relaxing and laid back and the topic of the day is usually, what food should we eat for lunch and our evening meal. They love to plan what food and drink we can all have during our stay and they take pleasure in cooking for us, and that’s something I certainly don’t complain about.
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We’ve spent the long sunny afternoons either relaxing at home, playing games or visiting the local lake which is truly stunning. But whatever we’ve done it’s been spent together and in one another’s company and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. Although, I’ll be glad to have Team Gaston back together so I can tag Richard in at times when I’ve had enough of playing goalie 🙂
At night the boys and I have all slept together in the same bed and it’s been a novelty for them to have me all to themselves.  Tom has slept right by my side every night and loves to snuggle in whereas James loves to stretch out and take up all the room in the bed so I’m usually tittering on the edge.
The sleeping arrangements did cause some bickering between the two of them at times and every night we had to remember who slept in the middle last night and make sure we took it in turns. God forbid one of them got to sleep in the middle two nights in a row. The joys of children hey?!
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During the holiday the boys got to play tennis, badmington, copious amounts of football and we also spent some of our evenings playing  cards and dominoes and they even made a new friend with a little french girl who lives in the village too, Alessia.  They’d spent time playing together on their scooters each communicating in their own language and it was so lovely to watch as this is how I spent my childhood.
We used to go camping when I was a child and I’d spend my days making and playing friends with children from all over Europe.  It’s so nice that the boys get to spend their childhood in the same way too!
As I grow older I cherish these memories created with my parents and I’m so pleased our boys get to spend their holidays doing the same things I did as a child. I’ve been holidaying in France all of my life and I have so many fond memories.
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This place is truly like ‘the land that time forgot’ and with its slower pace of life it always reminds me of what’s important. The days are filled with opportunities to spend time with loved ones, to eat good food and drink the local wine, all whilst dining outside in the open air and there’s plenty of opportunity to do the things that make your soul sing too – read, walk, take photographs of the beautiful countryside and have plenty of afternoon naps too. Something I’m partial to too!
We’ve spent our days together and created more memories with our boys but, towards the end of the holidays we were ready to go back home and see Richard so the Gaston gang can be back together!
Richard is already on a countdown as it’s only 8 weeks and we’ll be back in France for our 3 week summer holiday.  Holidays are a special time for all families and should be spent doing the things you love. We all have our own ideas of what holidays should look like for our families and I know the holidays we take sometimes aren’t for everyone as we like to travel around, visit different places and go off the beaten path to explore the local culture.
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Others choose to holiday for two weeks in a 5 star all inclusive resort and others choose to stay in the U.K. and explore the sights there, whatever it is you choose I hope you all have a wonderful time together creating memories that last a lifetime.