Well, tonight we went to the Wynyard Vegas Ball and I loved it! We went with great friends, we ate great food and Richard and I got to spend some quality time together – at last! Things have been really hectic lately and we’ve been like passing ships but, life gets like that at times and it’s just important to remember to make time for one another.

Day to day our lives seem to be getting busier particularly with the launch of AL looming and our busy work lives too.  Lately, Richard has had to pick up some of the slack from me whilst I’ve been focussing on the coaching business and my studying and he’s done it without whining or moaning he really does just get on with it which is a huge support to me.  

I try to tell him as often as I can how much  appreciate all the help and support he gives me and I’ve  found that at different times of our lives together we seem to rely on one another in different ways.  When Richard was qualifying as a teacher it was really tough for both him and I, I was working full time with two young children and whilst he was learning and studying I had to take over and I just did it without thinking.  Over the 10 years we’ve been together I know it’s made us more resilient as a couple and it’s made us stronger, as cliche as that sounds it’s true.  Life’s not a walk in the park, it can be tough and you’ve got to support one another when it’s required.

During our most stressful and busiest times it’s hard to really appreciate each other especially when you have kids as they often take all of your attention (and rightly so).  Richard and I sometimes feel like we just communicate about ‘the admin of life’ and sorting out who’s taking and picking the kids up, who’s taking them to dancing or swimming, who’s getting the food shopping, cooking (nearly always Richard) etc but, we’ve learnt over the years to really make time for each and we’re still trying to make sure we do.  There are times when we realise that it’s actually been some time since we’ve had a date night so we were really looking forward to the ball tonight.

Tonight we had a few christmas drinks and danced the night away to the brilliant band playing and spent some fun times with our friends. The surroundings of Wynyard Hall are amazing too and hold special memories for us.  We had our wedding reception there and spent a fabulous day there with all of our friends and family and even then we danced until after 2am too!  A great way to start the christmas festivities, I’m getting really excited for christmas now and I’m looking forward to my second girls christmas night out with another group of friends.  We’ll be headed to Yarm for food, fizz and a little dancing too… I love christmas it’s the perfect excuse to spend time with good friends and family!

How do you make sure you spend time together with one another? Do you have a date night or do you struggle to get that time together? Please share your thoughts I’d love to hear from you;