As we were moving in between the boys birthday this year we decided we would have a belated birthday party for them both at the new house whereby they could invite their friends, we decided we would have this once we were all settled in at the end of May.  Neither of the boys have missed having a ‘proper party’ this year and were just happy with the presents they have received.

Every year on the morning of the boys birthday we have the same traditions whereby once the boys are up and awake we ask them to wait at the top of the stairs and either myself or Richard (my husband) videos them going down the stairs and into the lounge where their presents await them.

This year on both Tom’s and James’s birthdays they dashed down the stairs but, instead of ripping the presents open as they have done in previous years they actually took their time.  In fact they were so grateful, both of them this year and they even shared the opening of their presents with their sibling. Tom gave James 4 presents to open out of his pile of about 10 presents and James did exactly the same, although with slightly more reluctance as he’s that little bit younger and during it all there were no tears or tantrums at all, which was surprising. In previous years there has been arguments over opening presents and unfortunately it has ended in tears.

Richard and I were so impressed with both of the boys this year, it’s like they’ve somehow understood that the other sibling doesn’t have any presents so they want to share theirs with them – so sweet! It’s moments like that, under all of the chaos that make you really proud!

Most birthdays are usually spent playing with toys in the morning and then some kind of activity to celebrate their birthday in the afternoon. In previous years we’ve had parties, cinema trips, a visit to the farm and many others. It also involves a family tea party of some kind whereby close family and friends call over for a light buffet and a piece of birthday cake.  There are always lots of photos taken and videos and I keep these as a treasured memory and will do for years to come.

Another tradition of ours is that at the end of every birthday and most normal days in fact we ask them what their favourite part of the day was and it’s usually the most simple of things, like; playing football in the garden or playing Snakes and Ladders. It’s never the big stuff and that in itself speaks volumes doesn’t it?! This tradition is something my husband, Richard started and one I absolutely love! It’s allows all of us to look back at the day and think about what we’ve done and what really counts! James had a wonderful birthday and they’re already talking about what they’d like to do for next years birthday….!

What are your family traditions? These are the traditions you’ll look back on for years to come and they’ll remember when they look back on their childhood. Please share them with us;